Winlin project

What is winlin?

The winlin project is the open source linux emulator running in the user mode. It emulates linux system calls on a source code layer. It can be used to port linux programs under Windows. It is released as the DLL, that provides linux-like functions to the windows applications, such as open(), unlink() or pthread_join(). We tried to emulate linux system calls as better as possible, but we cannot give a guarantee, that all functions work like linux system calls.

It works on all Windows NT systems, but it's developed specially for NT >=4.x

What should you do to run linux program under winlin?

  • At first, you should have a full copy of the program's source code.
  • You can recompile it using the GNU GCC compiler of any other with the winlin headers and sources. You can choose any link type you want: you can link winlin statically to your program or dynamically as a shared dll.
  • If you've linked your program statically with winlin, it will work without any support. If you've linked your program dynamically with winlin, the copy of winlin.dll should be placed in the same directory or in the directory specified in the PATH environment variable.

Additional information about this project is available here (the project page)

Installing winlin

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This project is supporting by Great and Dude03.